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Terra Tech Corp (OTCMKTS: TRTC) has been on the rise recently as pot stocks heat up across the board. TRTC is one of the original pot stocks on the OTCBB with a long history of spectacular moves running from under $3 to highs of $9.37 per share in December of last year.

Cannabis is a great place to be; according to a recent report from Arcview Market Research and its research partner BDS Analytics, over the next 10 years, the legal cannabis industry will see much progress around the globe and spending on legal cannabis worldwide is expected to hit $57 billion by 2027. The adult-use (recreational) market will cover 67% of the spending; medical marijuana will take up the remaining 33%. The largest group of cannabis buyers will be in North America, going from $9.2 billion in 2017 to $47.3 billion a decade later. Of course much of this hinges on how laws progress.

Terra Tech Corp (OTCMKTS: TRTC) is the first publicly-traded cannabis company to touch the plant and has helped shape the investment community’s perception of cannabis playing a breakthrough role in navigating the complex and ever-changing regulatory environment. Terra Tech is the operator of multiple subsidiary businesses including: Blüm, IVXX Inc., Edible Garden, and MediFarm LLC.

TRTC is led by Derek Peterson, “The Public Spokesperson for Medical and Legalized Marijuana” former Vice President at Morgan Stanley. He left Wall Street because he saw a huge opportunity in medical marijuana. His vision is setting up growing facilities in various states to grow herbs such as basil and thyme with plans to switch to Marijuana production as state laws permit.

Terra Techs Blüm branded dispensaries offer a broad selection of cannabis products including; flowers, concentrates and edibles and provide the highest quality medical cannabis to patients who are

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