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Before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, a major irritant for legal cannabis businesses was the dizzying array of different and, at times, overlapping software packages required to operate in the industry. Cultivators, processors and retailers all need to satisfy complex regulatory requirements in addition to managing their own operations. All of this is managed through sophisticated software.

In the case of retailers and medical dispensaries that sell to consumers, software that helps these businesses comply with their state’s track-and-trace rules also offers menu displays, enables online ordering, facilitates delivery where allowed, and more. While some of these software offerings might one day converge, the unique functionality provided by each today is essential.

Once COVID-19 took hold, the script flipped. No longer seen as confusingly redundant and questionable expenses, these software stacks became viewed as lifesavers for retailers. Beginning in March, state regulation rapidly changed due to the pandemic, and dispensaries and retailers had to keep up. Their software helped them adjust seamlessly to the new rules, ensuring they experienced no major disruptions.

Cannabis Software Creates Profitability

Picture an entrepreneur opening a new cannabis dispensary in California and the software choices to be made before she opens her doors.

To start, she needs to have a point of sale, inventory management and auto-compliance software platform like Greenbits (the company I co-founded), which can hook into the track-and-trace system at the state level, which is Metrc in California. Next, the dispensary must be able to meet customers where they are on the internet and on mobile devices, so having an online menu software provider like Leafly or Weedmaps is key. In California, dispensaries are permitted to deliver cannabis products, so the entrepreneur might sign up for software to help process orders, such as Dutchie, and then another piece of software to

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