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Nearly 300 new laws will go into effect Monday, covering everything from crimes and punishments to education and health care.

Many more will go into effect in October, and even more in January, all passed during the Legislature’s 2019 session that wrapped up in early June.

People convicted of crimes will see some relief starting today. Assembly Bill 192 allows people convicted of possession of an ounce or less of marijuana to ask a court to have their records sealed. And under Assembly Bill 431, an estimated 77,000 people whose felony conviction prevents them from voting will have their voting rights restored. In the future, all felons will be allowed to vote as soon as they are released from prison.

However, you can go to prison for at least two new crimes: Assembly Bill 15 bans filing fake legal documents, a common tactic of the so-called sovereign citizens movement. You can also face incarceration under Assembly Bill 152 for destroying or defacing Native American gravesites, or historic or prehistoric sites.

In addition, the 20-year statute of limitations in sexual assault cases will be eliminated starting Monday in cases where DNA evidence can identify a suspect, under Assembly Bill 142.

Low-income residents may benefit from a pair of bills passed by the Legislature: Senate Bill 103 allows local governments to waive impact fees and building permit fees for developers who construct affordable housing. Another new law, Senate Bill 448, will provide for $10 million in transferable tax credits per year to encourage developers to build more affordable housing.

Another new law, Senate Bill 151, slows down Nevada’s rapid time frame for evictions and limits late fees for unpaid rent.

And Assembly Bill 326 provides for tax credits for businesses that open grocery stores in areas that don’t currently have one, known

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