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That Area 51 raid sure came out like a wet fart after all that. The event page’s creator now wants to throw a festival in a town near the restricted military base instead, surprising and exciting no one. So instead of stealing a dope-ass laser gun from the Man, I’ll just have to get high and watch Mars Attacks! or something. To up my desperate ante for Nevada alien action, I might even smoke a Tahoe Alien or two.

This mix of Alien Kush and Tahoe OG Kush has become a fixture for dispensaries and growers at home thanks to a reputation for high yields, which are rare for OG strains. But Tahoe Alien is more than just a garden star, carrying pungent pine and wood aromas as well as a high THC percentage. In some cases, Tahoe Alien can even attain decent CBD levels, making some commercial growers wonder if the strain was sent from above.

But if something as simple as chicken strips can be overcooked, then so can weed. Ham-handed growers use Tahoe Alien’s popularity to push suspect buds on consumers, so keep your eye out for imposters and poor takes on the strain. If grown correctly, Tahoe Alien can be beneficial for both user and grower, pumping out resin-coated buds and a relaxing high for the body and the mind.

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Although the federal government continues to refute these reports, we’ve heard of Tahoe Alien sightings at 1136 Yuma, Berkeley Dispensary, Best Colorado Cannabis, Buddy Boy, Cherry Peak Dispensary, Cross Genetics, Denver Kush Club, Doc’s Apothecary, High Level Health, Kind Love, LaConte’s, Lightshade, Lucy Sky, Pando, Potco and Rocky Road, among others, with a number of wholesale cultivations and extractors stocking stores with the strain, as well. My favorite cuts come

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