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LOS ANGELES, Jan. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Sunderstorm Inc., one of the cannabis industry’s leading consumer packaged goods companies, creators of California-based edible brand Kanha and nanomolecular sublingual brand NANO5, announced today that it will expand its award-winning line of Kanha gummies to Nevada and Utah. This announcement marks Sunderstorm’s second U.S. expansion news outside of its headquarters in California.

Sunderstorm will expand to Nevada’s adult-use and medical market through a product partnership with Las Vegas-based retailer Euphoria Wellness, the first dispensary to open in the city. Through the partnership, Euphoria Wellness will launch with six original Kanha flavors and one new flavor: Tranquility 1:1:1, Strawberry, Cherry, Passionfruit Paradise, Cran-Pomegranate Punch, and Pleasant Plum, which will be used for Kanha’s Classic and Nano gummy products. The brand’s products, powered by proprietary nanotechnology, will not only benefit consumers visiting the city but also support patients seeking fast-acting relief. Euphoria Wellness’ local-based retail approach will enable Sunderstorm to grow sustainably throughout Nevada. These products will be available for purchase starting in February.

In Utah, Sunderstorm finalized a licensing deal with leading cannabis manufacturer  Zion Alchemy, which will bring Kanha gummies to the state’s 15,000 medical patients. In recent months, Utah has become one of the fastest-growing new cannabis markets in the country. Despite only coming online in March 2020, enrollment in the state’s medical cannabis program has surpassed regulators’ projections and is expected to further accelerate in 2021. Patients will be able to purchase Kanha products by March.

In light of this latest expansion, Kanha gummies will be available in five new states, including California, Colorado, and Massachusetts, as well as Canada. Sunderstorm’s retail expansion will be a boon to local and state economies and add  numerous jobs throughout these new markets.

“After gaining a considerable consumer following in our home state

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