STEVE SEBELIUS: Through the looking glass –

I still remember the time in October 2014 when I went to hear Bernie Sanders speak at the Culinary Training Center in North Las Vegas.

There to greet me was the only Nevada elected official to show up that day: then-state Sen. Tick Segerblom. It was, he said, a meeting of the liberal media and the liberal wing of the Nevada Democrats.

So it comes as a shock that Segerblom, now running for the chairmanship of the Nevada Democratic Party, is facing a progressive challenge from his left.

There’s room to the left of Tick Segerblom?

And I also still remember the complaints from Democrats about then-Assemblywoman and later state Sen. Barbara Cegavske. She introduced bills that still had the American Legislative Exchange Council letterhead on them! She was one of two senators to vote against the 2003 tax bill!

So it comes as a shock that Cegavske, elected secretary of state in 2014, is now being attacked from the right over her administration of the 2020 elections.

Whoever thought we’d live in a Nevada where Tick Segerblom was too conservative and Barbara Cegavske too liberal?

In Segerblom’s case, the trouble comes from younger, progressive Democrats who object to an elected official with establishment backing heading up the party, despite his liberal credentials. (Segerblom is the godfather of legal marijuana in Nevada, he once carried a bill to ban assault weapons, favors Indigenous People’s Day over Columbus Day and recently tweeted about abolishing term limits and the two-thirds tax vote requirement.)

There’s a substantial part of the Democratic Party that is frustrated with its leaders and the pace of change. They’d prefer radical action, a bold platform and a party that demands its candidates pledge to carry out its vision.

They abjure the reality that political parties exist only to

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