State Regulators Start “Cannabis Regulators Association” Group Will Help Navigate Cannabis Regulations at Federal, State, and Local Levels –

CHICAGO – Today state cannabis regulators from across the United States announced formation of a non-partisan organization, the Cannabis Regulators Association (CANNRA), to better share institutional knowledge and regulatory best practices. Cannabis regulators from Illinois and 18 other states have joined in filing documents to establish CANNRA, which is being created in order to assist federal, state, and local jurisdictions that have approved or are weighing legalization of cannabis.

“Illinois is proud to be a founding member of this new association which is key to ensuring cannabis legalization is pursued in a fair, equitable manner for all,” said Danielle Perry, Cannabis Regulation and Oversight Officer for the State of Illinois. “As we continue to prioritize equity in forming Illinois’ legal cannabis industry, we look forward to sharing our learnings and benefitting from the experience of other states in the months and years ahead.”

For years, cannabis regulators across the country have relied on each other to share regulatory experiences, institutional expertise, and to provide assistance navigating the numerous evolving policy and regulatory issues associated with legalizing and regulating cannabis. Often the first step for state and local jurisdictions weighing legalization is to engage with regulators from established markets and programs. However, there has never been an organization to facilitate these interactions or help stakeholders find objective data and evidence-based approaches to policymaking and implementation.

“The Cannabis Regulators Association will provide a much-needed forum for regulators to engage with each other to identify and develop best practices, create model policies that safeguard public health and safety, and promote regulatory certainty for industry participants,” said Norman Birenbaum, CANNRA’s inaugural president. “The association will strive to create and promote harmony and standardization across jurisdictions which choose to legalize and regulate cannabis. The Cannabis Regulators Association will also work to ensure federal officials benefit

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