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In the world of skin care, you won’t find a more luxurious ingredient than hemp seed oil. In addition to its high rate of absorbency, it also possesses the ability to soothe and heal dry skin and burns, making it the perfect find for parched, dry skin.

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Cannabis skin care products that incorporate isolates of CBD and THC can help soothe, rejuvenate, and regulate the skin’s condition. Though our skin contains endocannabinoid system receptors, it’s important to note that topically applied cannabis products do not get absorbed into the bloodstream, so you won’t feel any psychoactive effects.


Can Cannabis and CBD Be Part of Your Skin Care Regimen?

While in the Mojave Desert, dehydrated skin needs all the help it can get. Here are a few cannabis skin care products to keep your skin soft and smooth in Nevada’s scorching heat.

Sunscreen (Courtesy of Evergreen Organix)

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The first step to protecting your skin in Las Vegas should be to shield it from the intense desert sun. Whether you’re melanin challenged like me, or blessed with beautiful pigment, Cannabis Sunscreen from Evergreen Organix will protect your dermis with ingredients that absorb harmful UV rays while improving its condition with antioxidants such as THC, aloe and tea leaf.

This SPF + THC Sunscreen is free of parabens and houses 100mg of THC in a 2-ounce bottle. Unlike other sunscreens on the market, this product goes on light—you can apply layer after layer without tackiness or build-up. Note: There is a very slight odor of cannabis when it is first applied, but it dissipates quickly.

View NuWu’s Menu Lip Balm (Courtesy of Evergreen Organix)

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