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Cannabis dispensaries in northern Nevada are typically well appointed and very similar to each other. A greeter checks your id and lets you into the retail space where a budtender fills your order from a menu of items, but Sol Cannabis in the Washoe Valley, south of Reno, is different in several ways.

When you enter Sol, giant windows afford a view of the hybrid greenhouse where some 30 strains of cannabis are grown using a combination of natural and artificial light. To see so many cannabis plants spread out across a space the size of many gymnasiums is a striking testament to the legal status of cannabis and an unusual act of transparency.

Almost all legally-grown commercial cannabis in Nevada is grown indoors under artificial light. Sol is one of a handful of Nevada growers to use the sun, and possibly the only dispensary in the state that enables customers to see the living plants they consume.

Sol is also locally owned, which is another rarity among cannabis businesses operating in northern Nevada. Aside from a small number of Indigenous Peoples’ operations, hedge funds largely own the cannabis industry in Nevada.

Sol is vertically integrated and grows and sells flower and also makes its own concentrates, cannabis-infused gummy bears, tinctures, and other products. Beyond the memorable view of the grow facility, another architectural feature sets Sol apart from other dispensaries, a giant deck accessible from the dispensary. 

The Washoe Valley and surrounding mountains provide ever-changing beauty, and Alexander is given to hosting live music events on the giant patio. It doesn’t take an active imagination to see that the facility is potentially well-suited to become a consumption lounge or part of one, and that ideal suitability is not incidental. 

On June 4, 2021, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak signed AB341 into

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