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Marijuana delivery has been a thing since before your grandparents had their hippie friend drop off brown weed at their commune. Today, things are notably different with various (legal) pot delivery services providing highly curated cannabis selections directly to your door via apps, websites, or phones. That’s right! You don’t even have to go to any of San Francisco’s great marijuana retail stores, now they come to you. Below are the Bay Area’s best deliverers — out of the surprisingly large number of services now out there.

Lifted SF
Delivers to: San Francisco, Peninsula, East Bay

#1 of 18 Best Marijuana Delivery SF

Lifted (originally Lifted420) is an independently owned delivery service which has been servicing San Francisco & the Peninsula since 2010. The compay began as the only motorcycle marijuana delivery service and has since grown to a well-oiled team that supports small family farms and sustainability by curating a menu with local cannabis products that are cultivated using sustainable and regenerative farming practices. Lifted strives to provide cannabis products at an affordable price, crafted with the highest botanical integrity straight to your door. And the company says it believes in “the potency of a human-to-human connection” and so they are always available via phone or web to answer questions.

Delivers to: San Francisco, Peninsula, East Bay, Marin, San Jose

#2 of 18 Top Weed Delivery San Francisco

Bud strives to be the Bay Area’s most recognized name in weed delivery. Serving up locally-sourced, top-shelf flower, oils, pods, and more, Bud made its first fully California legal delivery in January 2018, but it had already gained some notoriety when its owner (pioneering blogger Justin Hall) famously turned down an offer by Budweiser&rights; to buy the “bud.com” URL back in 1994. Bud has been growing rapidly, now delivering to Marin / the North Bay, SF, the Peninsula, Oakland / the East Bay, San Jose, and Sacramento.

#3 of 18

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