Sex under scrutiny: Brothel advocates, opponents turn eyes to 2019 Legislature – Nevada Appeal

Assemblies of God licensed minister Brenda Sandquist had hoped for a different outcome from Lyon County’s vote last fall, which failed to rescind its brothel ordinance.

But Sandquist says she and her colleagues “are not discouraged” after residents rejected the measure.

“We’re going to continue moving forward and we’re going to be a part of the Legislature … and continue to watch,” she said.

Sandquist is a spokeswoman for the End Trafficking and Prostitution Political Action Committee. She helps to run a faith-based nonprofit ministry in Carson City for women called Xquisite and hopes to reach the licensed sex workers in Nevada’s brothels and expose them to other career choices.

“This is a worldwide issue, and I know there’s a lot of legal brothels … but it allows for human trafficking and it’s kind of under the radar … and it does affect us,” Sandquist told the Appeal recently.

The Nevada Legislature will take center stage in February, and state representatives will have opportunities to hear from the state’s anti-prostitution groups, brothel owners and licensed sex workers about the future of the sensual services industry.

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In Northern Nevada, Madame Bella Cummins will be watching on behalf of her newly created Onesta Foundation and her own Hacienda Ranch in Wells. Cummins is an experienced entrepreneur from the Midwest who opened her first business in Carson City and purchased the Hacienda Ranch. She’s hopeful the Legislature this year finds better methods of regulating the brothels.

“In my opinion, it’s looking in front of the legislation, looking at the rules … and it’s not just more government, but we just need a clearer understanding of this patchwork of rules and regulation that could be more clearly defined,” Cummins said. “This is the blueprint that will allow it

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