Sen. Jim Dabakis says at least one Utah lawmaker should try marijuana before voting on medical cannabis. So he … – Salt Lake Tribune

State Sen. Jim Dabakis spent more than a minute wrestling with his childproof pouch of marijuana-infused gummies before it would open and release its scent — tangerine.

Picking one of the gelatin blobs out of the $30 bag, he nibbled it to find the taste was more acrid than fruity. He grimaced into the cellphone camera that was broadcasting the whole thing over Facebook Live.

The idiosyncratic Democrat said he decided to conduct the cannabis sampling experiment during a weekend trip to Nevada, which legalized recreational marijuana last year. His goal: to try the substance before lawmakers gather next month in a special session to decide the future of medical marijuana in the state.

“I thought it was about time that at least one legislator knew a little about marijuana before we changed all the laws,” Dabakis said during the Saturday Facebook Live broadcast outside the NuLeaf dispensary in Las Vegas.

His video, which clocked in at about 4 minutes, 40 seconds, had been watched more than 157,000 times on Facebook by Tuesday afternoon and had garnered rave reviews from many viewers.

“I really wish the rest of the Legislature would join you!” one person wrote.

Until this moment, I was a marijuana virgin. Ending that now. At least one legislator ought to try the stuff before we change the law!

Posted by Senator Jim Dabakis on Saturday, October 20, 2018

The broadcast shows Dabakis, a self-described “marijuana virgin,” swallowing half a gummy, as advised by a dispensary employee. Afterward, he said, he hunkered down to wait for some kind of sensation. And waited. And waited.

Several hours later and another gummy down, he did feel a

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