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If you’ve been inside a cannabis shop in the past few years, you’ve likely seen or tried products from Curaleaf’s Select brand.

Since it started six years ago, Select has grown to become “America’s #1 cannabis oil brand,” with products available in more than 1,300 dispensaries in 18 states.

Vermont is the most recent state to join the company roster, coinciding with the launch of a brand-new Select product.

The Cough that Started it All

Select was born in 2015 after a friend of co-founder Cameron Forni complained of a cough from using cannabis vaping products.

The culprit behind the cough turned out to

Silica fiberglass wicks are a bad idea.

be the silica fiberglass wicks inside the vapes.

If vapes have also given you coughing fits, the wick may be the reason why.

In addition to an uncomfortable and aggravating cough, inhaling silica fiberglass can lead to serious health problems.

Forni set out to create a better vaping product, minus the coughing and severe health risks.

The result was a vape cartridge filled with premium-quality distillate cannabis oil and a wick made from organic Japanese cotton that didn’t irritate the lungs.

Go Fresh

Select’s latest vaping innovations come in the form of a small compact device and new cartridge offerings.

Last week, Select launched a new line of Fresh cartridges and Go batteries to power them.

How about a Fresh vape to Go?

The company’s new Fresh cartridges come filled with .3 grams of broad-spectrum distillate and feature a thoughtfully-crafted, fruit-inspired terpene profile.

Select uses botanically-derived terpenes in its oils.

At .3 grams, Select says the cartridges come at a lower price point for cost-conscious consumers.

The accompanying Go battery, calibrated to 3.5v, is built off the 510 platform, though it is solely intended

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