Seaman accuses Fiore of bullying and assaulting her at City Hall – Las Vegas Review-Journal

Las Vegas City Councilwoman Victoria Seaman has accused council colleague Michele Fiore of “harassing, bullying and physically abusing” her at City Hall.

In an escalating public feud between the two councilwomen, once very close friends, lawyers for Seaman have sent a cease-and-desist letter to Fiore demanding she stop the aggressive conduct.

“These past and ongoing actions are unwanted, unwelcome, and have become unbearable,” the letter states. “This conduct is pervasive and rises to the level of infliction of emotional distress, not to mention escalation to physical violence, assault, and battery.”

The letter, obtained by the Review-Journal, also calls upon Fiore to stop spreading “inaccurate and unfounded information” damaging to Seaman’s character.

“If you do not cease all related acts without delay, a lawsuit including claims for harassment, assault, and battery will be filed against you seeking monetary damages, as well as pursuing all available legal remedies for your abuses,” attorney Christian Morris wrote.

In the wake of the letter, a mysterious website,, surfaced calling Seaman a “liar” and a “con-artist,” and claiming it planned to reveal derogatory allegations about her. The identity of the person behind the domain is anonymous, online records show.

“Victoria Seaman’s many secrets will all be exposed here,” the website says.

Seaman on Tuesday derided the creation of the website.

“It’s sad when one resorts to baseless lies and false innuendos. This insidious, retaliatory nonsense is exactly why I was forced to take legal action,” she said.

The growing hostility comes in the middle of an FBI investigation into Fiore’s campaign and political action committee finances. The FBI interviewed Seaman earlier this year.

Seaman said in a statement Monday that Fiore’s behavior has had a “psychological and emotional impact” on her life.

“Since this harassment, assault and these defamation attacks started, I have been traumatized,

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