Scott Pack Called the Scarface of Marijuana in Colorado Fraud Case – Westword

On February 14, former marijuana entrepreneur Scott Pack was found guilty on six charges in what’s been described as one of the largest pot fraud cases in Colorado history.

Westword has obtained selected transcripts from the trial, which took place over a period of more than two weeks in Arapahoe District Court. Among other things, they document testimony from Michael Stonehouse, who pleaded guilty for his role in the Pack-related drug ring; authorities found and seized more than 2,500 pounds of marijuana, worth an estimated $5 million, from his Elizabeth residence back in 2016. Stonehouse said Pack dreamed of being the Scarface of weed.

Also weighing in are law enforcement sources, who tie Pack’s actions to his father, Michael Pack, a wealthy San Diego real estate developer and a prime target of a still-pending civil suit initially filed in 2017.

Meanwhile, attorney David Olsky of Fortis Law Partners, LLC, who’s teaming with colleague Henry Baskerville to represent plaintiffs Pierre and Christophe Raygot in the civil complaint, is worried that Pack won’t return for a hearing on April 6, when he could be sentenced to as many as 32 years behind bars.

“We are deeply concerned that over the DA’s strong objection, Scott Pack was allowed to go free before sentencing in April,” notes Olsky, corresponding by email. “He has a yacht, access to millions of dollars, ties to Mexico through his wife, and little reason to come back to Colorado.”

The Raygots are both foreign nationals (Pierre is from Thailand, Christophe is based in Portugal), and in a previous interview with Westword, Baskerville pointed out that the main events covered in the amended suit occurred in 2015, when non-Colorado residents weren’t allowed to put money directly into a cannabis concern here. The law was changed the following year.

The suit maintains that

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