School funding, a bipartisan absence of courage, and the CCEA – Nevada Current

CCEA Fund Our Schools Now rally on April 27, 2019. (Nevada Current file photo)

As Government teachers, we know how the system works. And as members of the Clark County Education Association (CCEA), it is our goal to put that knowledge into practice.

We belong to the largest union of educators in Nevada. CCEA represents over 18,000 people who educate our children in the Clark County School District. It is the job of our union to persuade lawmakers in Carson City to enact policies that benefit our students. This task became nearly impossible under the thumb of our former state affiliate. Sadly, they became an ATM machine for one party and in return extracted nothing of substance for public education. Under this tiresome arrangement, Democrats simply took our money and then forgot about us. This is why CCEA members finally cut the ties that bind and became an independent union in 2018.

The New CCEA is bipartisan. Today, we endorse both Democrats and Republicans who support our public schools. CCEA members after all do not fit neatly into one political party. The diversity of thought within our union is reflected on the committee of educators who decide who we endorse for political office. 

The New CCEA is pragmatic. We judge those we endorse based on their actions, not their party affiliation. What matters to educators in their classrooms are results that positively affect our students. As is the case with all relationships in politics, endorsements are only as permanent as the outcomes they generate. 

Unquestionably, the most important issue confronting the New CCEA is a lack of state funding for our students. Three consecutive academic studies have concluded that Nevada underfunds its public education system by over $1 billion each year. And what the coronavirus pandemic has exposed is both

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