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Scott Pack was one of the most flamboyant marijuana entrepreneurs in Colorado — a handsome, stylish charmer with seemingly inexhaustible wealth and a way with words that was catnip to individuals looking to cash in on an industry growing at a breakneck pace.

But then, just over three years ago, Pack’s world slowly but inexorably started going to hell. In the spring of 2017, a lawsuit accused him of being a ripoff artist and, mere months later, he found himself at the center of what was touted at the time as the largest marijuana fraud indictment in state history. Following trial testimony that accused him of aspiring to be the Scarface of Colorado weed, Pack was convicted of multiple felonies this past February and, in July, sentenced to twelve years in prison — and now, he’s been ordered to pay nearly $2.5 million in restitution to former investors bilked as part of his elaborate scheme.

Attorney Henry Baskerville represents Pierre and Christoph Raygot, the plaintiffs in the aforementioned suit, who are slated to receive $299,935 and $199,935, respectively, from Pack as part of the restitution order. “We were pleased with the jury’s verdict last spring,” Baskerville notes. “We also are pleased that the Court rejected Mr. Pack’s argument that restitution is inappropriate. We understand that Mr. Pack has already appealed the verdict and intends to appeal this order, too. My clients look forward to this eventually being resolved.”

Pack had reached out to Westword shortly before his July sentencing and encouraged us to contact Gary Lozow, his attorney, for proof supporting his contention that he did nothing wrong. Lozow has not responded to our inquiries.

The Raygots are both foreign nationals (Pierre is from Thailand, Christophe is based in Portugal), and in a previous interview, Baskerville pointed out that the main events covered in the

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