Right to return, minimum wage increase and jaywalking decriminalization among more than 200 laws to kick in today – The Nevada Independent

More than 200 of the roughly 550 bills passed by the Legislature during the 2021 session take effect either in full or in part on Thursday, from a high-profile new policy giving laid-off casino workers priority in rehiring to a new law decriminalizing jaywalking.

Other notable new laws now in effect remove specific “per se” limits on cannabis metabolites that would trigger a DUI, waive tuition and fees to public colleges and universities in Nevada for Indigenous students and create more flexibility for prescription refills during a state of emergency. Landlords also must now wait three days after the date rent is due before charging late fees for overdue rent, owners of certain exotic animals will face steep penalties if the animals come into contact with members of the public and health care providers will be required to offer STD testing in emergency settings.

It is also now illegal to cut down or otherwise harm a population of juniper trees known as swamp cedars that live in Spring Valley near Ely, which are sacred to local Indigenous communities.

Here’s a look at those laws and more that are now in effect:

AB456 (2019): Minimum wage increases to $9.75 an hour

This bill passed during the 2019 legislative session raises the Nevada minimum wage to $9.75 an hour for those who are not offered health benefits from their employers and $8.75 an hour for employees who are offered health benefits.

After the law went into effect in 2019, the minimum wage first increased on July 1, 2020 to $8 an hour for employees who get health benefits and $9 an hour for those who do not.

Under the law, the state’s minimum wage will increase by 75 cents on July 1 of each year, gradually increasing to $11 an hour for those

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