Report on Sage Crawford death could be released within weeks; toxicology results announced – The Union of Grass Valley

Ariella “Sage” Crawford had marijuana in her system at the time of her death, with no signs of harder drugs in her body, authorities said.

Those toxicology results come as officials continue working on a report about whether the deputies involved in her Feb. 4 fatal shooting should face discipline for any misconduct. That report is expected to be publicly released next month, the District Attorney’s Office said.

If the report on Crawford’s death finds that the deputies who shot her broke the law, they could face criminal charges by the District Attorney’s Office. Even if the deputies involved in Crawford’s death are not charged, they could still face other penalties on the basis of the report, including disciplinary actions by the Sheriff’s Office that could include dismissal from the agency, Assistant District Attorney Chris Walsh said.

Investigators assembling the report on Crawford’s death have been interviewing different law enforcement agencies, witnesses to the incident, and deputies involved in the shooting, according to Walsh. The District Attorney’s Office is also reviewing a widely viewed dash cam video that captured portions of the incident, including footage of a visibly agitated Crawford charging at a deputy with a knife before being shot.

Additionally, investigators writing the report have considered toxicology reports conducted on Crawford’s body by the Placer County coroner. These reports have showed that Crawford had some marijuana in her system at the time of the shooting, but have not indicated that she was under the presence of any stronger drugs, such as opioids, according to Walsh. He added that these findings undermine the view that Crawford was under the influence of hard drugs on the day of her death.

“These results were somewhat surprising, because some people looked at those videos and looked at her response

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