Regulators confident New Mexico can meet recreational cannabis demand – Santa Fe New Mexican

When Krispy Kreme arrived in Santa Fe in 2015, about 150 people camped outside the store the night before it opened to make sure they got their freshly made doughnuts.

We should expect the same with cannabis once recreational sales begin in April, state officials say.

Yes, there could be a shortage at first, they warn. But it will eventually level out and there will be plenty of cannabis for everyone, they say.

“We believe that there is a possibility that some shops will sell high quantities in the first week of cannabis sales,” said Linda Trujillo, superintendent of the state Regulation and Licensing Department, which has opened a Cannabis Control Division to oversee the new industry.

“But just like with Krispy Kreme, where they make more doughnuts the next day or hour after [the initial surge], we think there will be enough cannabis in the pipeline that there will be enough for the demand,” she said last month as her agency released rules for cannabis producers to follow.

Days after the first producer applications made their way to the Cannabis Control Division, it may seem premature, even absurd, to worry about whether there will be enough cannabis to go around in April, when retailers are scheduled to start selling their product.

But some major players in the state’s medical cannabis program are voicing concern. If there’s not enough cannabis on hand when sales begin, it could make it difficult for everyone, including the state’s roughly 121,000 medical cannabis patients, to get necessary product, they say. And if the state falls behind in its production capacities, it could take a long time to catch up.

“The adult [recreational] program will introduce new demands and push us into a significant deficit of product immediately, from Day One,” said Duke Rodriguez, president and CEO of New Mexico Top

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