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What is the current status of medical marijuana in Oklahoma?

After some turbulence, it appears that the medical marijuana industry is firmly entrenched in the state. The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority issued more than 200,000 licenses since the program began in August of 2018. The Oklahoma Tax Commission reports that the combined sales from the nearly 2,000 dispensaries in the state exceeded $250 million.

While the Legislature and the courts may resolve nuanced issues moving forward, the industry has been successful in its first year.

How do Oklahoma’s medical marijuana laws differ from those in other states?

Oklahoma enacted some of the most patient-friendly medical marijuana laws in the country. For instance, Oklahoma’s statutes grant broad protection to an employee who legally consumes medical marijuana so long as that employee is not considered “safety sensitive.”

Other states, such as Colorado, Nevada and Washington, do not provide similar legal protections to workers. Also, doctors in Oklahoma have wide discretion to issue a medical marijuana license, as no qualifying condition is necessary for a prescription.

So while Oklahoma’s laws are relatively new, they actually provide greater protection for employees who consume medical marijuana than laws in states that have traditionally favored the legalization of marijuana.

What about employees who are not “safety sensitive?” Can they consume medical marijuana at work?

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