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Cannabis is legal. Dungeons & Dragons is making a comeback. Brandon McClenahan combined the two in a popular streaming show

This single-story home looks normal enough from the street. It’s an older, ranch-style house, the kind built in this area decades ago, long before strips malls and subdivisions came to dominate northwest Las Vegas.

But around the back of the house is a set of industrial trailers. Inside one of them on a recent Saturday morning, a band of adventurers with names such as Rial Othrevan and Tynna Smoothhands is locked in battle with a powerful undead creature named Aeromastus. It’s just one fantastic fight in the adventurers’ ultimate quest to defeat the Lord of Shadows, Sithesis, who threatens to destroy the human realm entirely.

Don’t worry. Fortunately for us living in the human realm, it’s not real. It’s a live-streamed game of Dungeons & Dragons organized by local actor Brandon Alan McClenahan that he calls “WeeDnD,” produced from one of the backyard trailers in his northwest compound.

“WeeDnD is a cannabis-positive, collaborative storytelling experience,” says McClenahan, who serves as the game master — that is, the narrator and referee. “It’s a completely original show every week. It stars a cast of some of the finest entertainers from around Las Vegas. It’s a party.”

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Pot? D&D? This makes McClenahan sound like a slacker, but he’s actually an entrepreneur. Last year, he combined his two favorite pastimes and launched what’s become a popular weekly Twitch stream in which costumed players get high, slay monsters, and grab treasure.

On this Saturday, Jake Taylor, Brenna Folger, Drew Yonemori and Abby Dandy — all local actors, too — are the intrepid adventurers, connected via webcams, rolling dice and taking bong hits as they vanquish creatures and puzzle over riddles. High or not, they’ve had an epic journey. In

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