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There is a giggle-worthy sign of the times rising high over SoMa, just a stone’s throw from a building operated by the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department. Hovering above the Five Keys Charter School — where the incarcerated can work to earn credits toward a high school diploma — there is a billboard advertising the services of cannabis delivery company Eaze.

“It takes 3,240 tons of fuel to reach the moon,” the sign declares. “Or 1 gram of Sour Diesel.” 

That billboard will have to come down soon, according to a recent legal ruling. Not because it’s next to a county sheriff’s facility, but because it is located next to Interstate 80. While cannabis billboards still remain legal on most California roadways, a judge ruled in November that the state will no longer allow billboards for cannabis on highways that cross state lines.

The judgement comes in the wake of a lawsuit filed by Matthew Farmer, a San Luis Obispo father who — despite voting in favor of Prop. 64 — was nevertheless unhappy that his children were being served advertisements for the devil’s lettuce. A California Superior Court judge agreed with Farmer’s legal complaint, ruling that such billboards promote “interests which are inconsistent with the protection of the public,” and that cannabis companies “may not advertise or market on a billboard or similar advertising device located on an Interstate Highway or a State Highway which crosses the California border.”

Here in San Francisco, there are only two roadways that meet that criteria: I-80 and U.S. 101.

U.S. Route 101 originates in L.A. But its San Francisco leg zooms freeway-style through Visitacion Valley and Potrero Hill before turning into Van Ness Avenue, then Lombard Street, and becoming a freeway once more after crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. The route continues

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