Planet 13 Launches Cannabis Infused HaHa Sodas in Nevada – Benzinga

Inspired by its best-selling HaHa Gummies and HaHa Sparkling Cannabis Beverages, the world’s largest Cannabis SuperStore, Planet 13, is adding HaHa Soda to its all-star lineup of in-house products

LAS VEGAS (PRWEB) May 21, 2021

Planet 13, a leading vertically integrated Nevada cannabis company, has launched HaHa Soda at the Las Vegas SuperStore and Medizin Dispensary. HaHa Soda products will soon be available in over 50 dispensaries across the state.

Haha Soda flavors include: Old School Root Beer, Ludicrous Lemon-Lime and Guzzle It Grape. Each soda contains 10 mg of THC and comes with a warning: “This product may result in a good time.”

HaHa Soda is made with cane sugar which triggers the body to create serotonin, a feel-good hormone that improves mood and relieves stress.

“Our HaHa brands are hugely popular with customers. Both the gummies and Cannabis Beverages are made for good vibes only,” said Larry Scheffler, Co-CEO of Planet 13. “We are thrilled to be able to build on our HaHa brand by offering these incredible sodas. With their nostalgic flavors and great taste, we’re confident these products will be a hit.”

HaHa Soda is the newest addition to Planet 13’s brand success story. Planet 13 brands are top sellers at the SuperStore and Medizin dispensary, and wholesale revenues across the state continue to climb with HaHa Soda set to become another popular choice for cannabis consumers.

“Our owned brands keep hitting a home run with consumers and we expect they will love HaHa Soda,” said Bob Groesbeck, Co-CEO of Planet 13. “With our products available in dispensaries across Nevada and in our SuperStore and Medizin dispensary, we have multiple SKUs in the top 10 of their respective categories; beverages, edibles, concentrates 1.”

The Planet 13 SuperStore is located at 2548 W

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