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Buyer beware—pet products containing cannabidiol (CBD) are freely available and sold as supplements, but research shows labels aren’t always accurate and those products often get mixed with reputably-sourced brands.

Like clockwork, in early July, The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Center for Veterinary Medicine tweeted its yearly warning to pet owners about unregulated CBD products, ahead of the seasonal spike of CBD sales due to firework-induced dog anxiety. Distrust of the FDA abounds, but the organization may have a solid point when it comes to the sketchier side of CBD products marketed for pets.

Recent findings from Leafreport found that 56% of pet CBD products that were sampled were mislabeled with inaccurate claims. Leafreport collected a sampling of 55 pet CBD products, and found over half had inaccurate labeling, most often, incorrect levels of CBD. Out of 55 pet products that were independently tested at Las Vegas-based Canalysis Laboratories, 31 contained the wrong amounts of CBD, and many also contained no THC despite being labeled as “full-spectrum CBD.”

an alarming amount of mislabeled delta-8-THC products (often converted from CBD-rich biomass or isolate in a lab) and on July 13, the team published findings detailing wildly different pricing standards between CBD products, meaning some companies scoop up newbies—hook, line, and sinker.

One pet product was particularly deceptive—containing only about 1.5% of the CBD the label claimed it contained, meaning that your pet might not even be getting amounts of the healing compound significant enough to do anything.

Instead, go with a brand that provides certificates of analysis and that is sold in a reputable store, such as a state-regulated dispensary or a CBD store that vets its vendors to ensure their products are safe.

What if we regulated pet CBD products better, consistently providing analytical data, or

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