Perfect impression nails how New Jersey moms will act if weed is legal in the state – Mashable

By Tim Marcin2020-11-03 15:31:10 UTC

Legal weed is on the ballot in New Jersey on Tuesday, which means a powerful force with soon have to reckon with the fallout of recreational marijuana. That powerful force, of course, is Jersey moms. 

Mashable’s own Vicky Leta created a pitch perfect impression of a certain New Jersey mom — likely Italian-American, needling, a little neurotic, gossipy, loving to a fault, ultimately kind of fun — reacting to and reckoning with weed’s legalization. Here, just watch: 

I count every line of this monologue as perfect, but here are three of my favorites because I can:

“Who ya doing it with? Oooh, Tommy Cacciatore….Hmm, no surprise there.”

“You lift the box by the foyer, you put your shit in there when’s it done — every ash, every paper, all the crap — then you bring it down by the boiler in the basement, then you hide it.” 

“Please don’t tell your grandma. I still need her ziti recipe.” 

Leta is a wonderful illustrator at Mashable, but also, apparently, a great impressionist. In a follow-up tweet to the video she thanked Carmela Soprano, which, yep, that makes sense.

The legalization initiative is widely expected to pass, so we should all prepare for this video to become a reality. 

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