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Looking west from William Street at the Dutch Mill restaurant, corner of William and Carson streets in the 1950s or '60s.


145 years ago

Rain is greatly needed. The hot season, everywhere, leaves prostrated, the early autumn months bring a harvest to the Doctors. These dry burning days and cool chilling nights repeat themselves in the reaver and ague and intermittent febrile attacks which so are so frequently observed on all hands. They who get sick find it difficult to rally. We have our sickly season, and it is upon us now.

140 years ago

Dying Statement. On Sunday evening, when it was found that the end was approaching. Major S.C. Scoville made his dying statement, and reiterated the accusation that T.S. Coffin was the person who shot him. — Reno Journal.

120 years ago

Several Carsonites have the prospecting fever. One of them showed a fine specimen of gold yesterday. We hope that the piece is from a ledge as wide as a house.

80 years ago

J.F. Joyner, forest ranger at Devil’s Tower national monument, announced last night that Igor I. Sikorsky, pioneer aviation engineer and designer, has agreed to consider using his experimental helicopter to rescue George Hopkins for the 865-foot tower.

50 years ago

Senator Howard Cannon has co-sponsored legislation calling for a nationwide driver and pedestrian education program “to end the mass slaughter on American highways which claim 50,000 American lives each year.

20 years ago

Two of the victims in a Sept. 18 blast at a Minden aerosol recycler Depressurized Technologies International are expected to be released this week.


145 years ago

The Mint gun “went off” last evening, behind a pair of stout greys from Evan David’s stable. It had a sturdy look and a look as if it had some good news to tell the people of Empire —

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