Passover Seder Is On 4/20 'Weed Day.' Rabbis Are Torn. – Forward

For so long, in Judaism and elsewhere, “getting stoned” meant getting literal stones thrown at you until you died.

Now it means getting high on marijuana.

And isn’t that freedom?

Well…said the seventeen rabbis and spiritual leaders contacted by the Forward for this story. Not — well — uh, not exactly?

This year, the second night of Passover and its accompanying Seder land on 4/20, a day that is culturally associated with pot consumption (you can thank some Jews for that, by the way.) The last time a Seder landed on 4/20 was in 2008, and the next time it happens will be in 2037. In 2008, recreational cannabis was illegal in all 50 states. Today, it’s legal in ten states, plus Washington, DC.

Once we were slaves, and now we are free to partake, unless you are one of the number of disproportionately black Americans who are still incarcerated for marijuana possession. In Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Colorado, Michigan, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, DC, and Alaska, smoking it, toking it, eating it, vaping it, rubbing it into your crevices — it’s all on the table these days. Just not, necessarily, on the Seder table.

“We’re a Reform congregation and we of course are quite progressive, and yet like Jews of every denomination, the focus will be on our people’s movement from slavery to freedom and our individual stories of redemption,” said Rabbi Richard Rheins, the Senior Rabbi at Denver’s Temple Sinai, which is expecting hundreds of participants for second night Seder. “It will be lovely, but marijuana will not be a part of it,” he sighed. “There’s no place for that on our Seder plate.”

“Our Sinai seder will not be referencing 4/20,” said Rabbi Hannah Goldstein, of Washington DC’s Temple Sinai. “Would love to read this article, but nothing

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