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Pick your favorite pot cliché and insert it here.

It’s high time we did something about this. We’re really in the weeds with this one. This is some dank business.

Regardless of your personal feelings on the issue, it’s obvious our county has moved beyond a discussion of whether we should have legal pot. It’s here. You can buy it from the store, and, unfortunately, from unregulated and untaxed sources.

We’re now at the stage where we must decide what directions this industry should go in our county.

Our local governments are looking at two paths right now.

One, in Nevada City, could lead to indoor, commercial cultivation and more types of businesses.

The other is a permanent ban on industrial hemp production.

The first — added cannabis businesses for Nevada City — appears like a no brainer for the town. Its cannabis tax revenue almost doubled expectations, bringing in around $600,000. Only $310,000 was expected.

Perhaps the most visible of those existing businesses, Elevation 2477’, is an example of how to do things right. It’s a stable business that brings jobs here, serves its product according to state rules and appears to create little to no problems for the community.

The question is now whether to allow other types of cannabis businesses.

It makes sense to allow the expansion of related businesses. The town started small, first allowing a medicinal only dispensary before green lighting recreational. It’s taken baby steps, seen how the businesses operated over several months, and now it’s time for the next move.

No doubt Nevada City is eyeing Grass Valley’s cannabis tax measure, which passed in November. The next obvious step for Grass Valley is luring cannabis businesses to its borders, and siphoning some of the tax dollars Nevada City has

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