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Who’s really going to read the 1,070-page pdf of the draft environmental impact report for the Idaho-Maryland Mine?

There will be a few, for sure. The diehards, those whose jobs revolve around the environment, and, of course, the people who run the Idaho-Maryland Mine.

The rest of us? That’s a tall order. Real life gets in the way. This is why we have elected officials, isn’t it? They’re the ones who must deal with the minutiae. We’ve still got snow to shovel.

This is typically true of the multitude of items that cross the desks of the Nevada County Board of Supervisors. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars allocated and spent, and most of us will never know where it went.

That’s not the case with the Idaho-Maryland Mine.

The mine is the issue of 2022. It’s the emotionally charged agenda item that will keep people returning for public comment.

The Idaho-Maryland Mine is the new cannabis.

The draft EIR is an essential document required if the mine is to be reopened. Awaited for several months, it’s required for any project of a certain size.

And the mine certainly qualifies.

In short, the EIR digs into environmental issues a reopened mine could affect, like aesthetics, noise and traffic. It also offers mitigation measures, or ways to lessen those impacts.

And in some cases, there are impacts that are “significant and unavoidable,” no matter what is done.

Everyone isn’t going to read an entire 1,070-page pdf, but certain areas provide key points for those interested to pinpoint and peruse.

Search the document, read the parts you’re invested in, and strengthen your opinion. Or maybe even change it. Stranger things have happened.

Backing up an opinion on the mine with evidence is good. Acting on your

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