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Hailing from the Bay Area, this pristine garden was a natural fit for the Reno/Sparks area in northern Nevada. NuLeaf Cultivation boasts a 15,000 square-foot footprint and has built out another 12,000 feet in mezzanine space, for a total of about 27,000 feet of growing space between its two vegetation rooms and ten flower rooms. Each room is outfitted with Fluence commercial grow lights, some of the sickest, most high-tech LED’s I’ve ever seen. “We found a great partner in Fluence. They even helped us build out many of the aspects of the building beyond the lighting,” says Jon McGiveron, NuLeaf’s cultivation manager.

The Culture

Everyone involved in NuLeaf Cultivation desires a lifelong career in cannabis. “We try to give everyone ownership of their role from beginning to end to make sure the staff feels like they are just as [much a] part of the team as everyone else,” says Cultivation Director Ryan Schultz. Staffing about twelve members in cultivation and around twenty trimmers and processors, they keep one of the cleanest facilities in the state. “When new people start here, we’re very upfront about the cleaning. A lot of the job is sanitation and non-stop attention to detail. Cleanliness is our best and only form of biosecurity,” adds McGiveron.

The Product

Everything at NuLeaf starts from seed. Housing over one hundred unique genetics and cultivating about thirty strains in Grodan Pargro Gro Blocks in their current production, they harvest around one room per week and keep somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000-13,000 plants on hand at any time. Some of their signature and most potent strains are Mandarin Cookies, Crunch Berries, and Slurricane. “We’re trying to look at more interesting terpene profiles instead of just THC

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