NuggMD Launches Its Leading Cannabis Telemedicine Services in Connecticut and Illinois – PRNewswire

CHICAGO, March 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — NuggMD, the nation’s leading medical cannabis telemedicine platform, is launching their services in Connecticut and in Illinois. The popular platform will now be available in 11 states, including New York, Nevada, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Ohio, California, New Jersey, Virginia, and Oklahoma. NuggMD has connected more than 700,000 patients to their medical marijuana doctors since 2016 and is now available to over 100 million Americans.

Both Connecticut and Illinois have revised their policies due to COVID. Governor Lamont’s March 2020 Executive Order 7L allows residents in Connecticut to receive their medical marijuana evaluation via telemedicine for the duration of the COVID emergency. Illinois residents are also no longer required to obtain their medical marijuana evaluations in-person; state-licensed physicians can issue recommendations via telemedicine until further notice. Patients in both states can now receive safe and socially distanced MMJ telehealth evaluations without risking unnecessary exposure to illness in a medical environment. This, among many other safety modifications, is making access to cannabis safer for at-risk patients.

“We applaud states taking a compassionate stance on patient-safety,” said Kam Babazade, NuggMD Co-Founder and COO. “The most at-risk cannabis patients no longer have to brave public waiting rooms to get the relief they need. This is a huge step in the right direction to help everyone stay healthy.”

Connecticut decriminalized small amounts of cannabis possession in 2011. Governor Malloy, who signed the legislation, stated that he was reprioritizing law enforcement for violent and more serious crimes. The following year he signed the medical cannabis program into law. The state is now actively considering legislation that would legalize recreational sales by 2022, but it’s not certain yet whether the bill has enough support to pass. To qualify for use of medical marijuana, a Connecticut resident must have one of

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