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Nice day for a weed wedding: the couples who married with marijuana

Prefer rips to sips? More and more couples are featuring cannabis at their weddings – and now recreational marijuana is legal in 10 US states, options are plenty

Michelle and Jason Casanova: ‘When we started dating, I asked [Jason] if he smoked weed because I probably wouldn’t have dated him if he didn’t.’ Photograph: Alanna You/Interstellar Image/Courtesy Michelle Casanova

Michelle Casanova’s idea of a dream wedding was a simple one – though a little different from most: “I wanted to take a huge bong rip in my wedding dress.”

And that she did, last October, in Agoura Hills, California. The 34-year-old Texan walked down the aisle holding a bouquet of sunflowers and weed leaves. Guests were served slices of a THC-infused cake and treated to a dab bar where they could take hits of potent, concentrated cannabis oil via a vaporizer while a “budtender” rolled joints – strains of sativa, a stimulant, at the start of the event; hybrids after the service; indicas to wind everyone down at the end of the night.

“It was like your typical wedding, but with hints of cannabis here and there,” she says. “Everything was really subtle, except for the smoking part.”

Friends toast Michelle and Jason Casanova with joints. Photograph: Alanna You/Interstellar Image/Michelle Casanova

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