New Marijuana Growing Facility being considered for Carson City – Carson Now

by Kelsey Penrose

A new medical marijuana indoor grow facility is in its final stages of planning, and if it is approved, would be built at 5700 Morgan Mill Road in East Carson City.

Indoor Garden Farms, LLC, has applied for a Special Use Permit from the Carson City Planning Commission to construct a building used to cultivate and produce marijuana for the State of Nevada.

Per the ordinance passed by Carson City in July 2014, marijuana establishments are allowed in designated zoning districts and areas in Carson City with approval of a Special Use Permit and subject to specific city requirements. Separate Special Use Permits are required for the cultivation and production aspects of the establishment.

The area proposed is in an area with no residential zoning, and located outside of the priority infill development area.

The existing site is a one-acre parcel, zoned general industrial. The project proposes to construct a 10,380 square foot warehouse on the property, which will be used for manufacturing, warehouse use, and approximately 300 square feet of office space.

The business is expected to employ between 5-10 people.

“The proposed development will ensure vitality of existing retail centers (dispensaries), and encourage further development of regional retail centers (dispensaries), by providing goods at a whole sale price,” said permit applicant and owner of Indoor Garden Farms, LLC, Rick DeCarlo.

The facility’s security plan includes the following:

— Security fencing

— Security gate with Knox box

— Surveillance equipment that meets NRS requirements for medical marijuana establishments

— Alarm system

— No exterior signage indicating the type of business

— Generator backup in event of power outage

— Secure storage safe room

According to the Planning Commission’s report, “To mitigate concerns of medical marijuana odor from the production facility, the applicant

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