New Cannabis Industry Coalition Launches ‘Stop Censoring CBD’ Campaign – Forbes

Amid the ongoing battle between cannabis and social media, the industry is up against a new marketing challenge. 

The Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA), a non-profit trade organization that monitors S.H.A.F.T. (sex, hate, alcohol, firearms and tobacco) content and reports violations, recently added CBD to its list of decidedly offensive letters. Under the new designation, CBD companies are no longer permitted to use SMS messaging to promote their products.

In response to this classification, a coalition of cannabis companies has formed to spark change through the campaign “Stop Censoring CBD.” Led by the B-Corp status CBD brand Prima, its first course of action is through a petition with a goal of 10,000 signatures to #freeCBD by the end of August.

congress legalized hemp and hemp-derived products in 2018.

In June, Prima launched in more than 150 Whole Foods locations in North America and is the … [+] first-ever national CBD brand to be carried in the organic grocery giant’s stores.

Courtesy Prima

Founding members of “Stop Censoring CBD” — a roster that will continue to grow — include: Apothecanna, Cann, Empyri, ENUF Period, Fleur Marche, Foria, Fruit Slabs, Hivi, Juna, Looni, Miss Grass, Muri Lelu, Onda, Papa and Barkley, Plant People, Prima, Quim, Recess, Svn Space, Sweet Reason and Vertly

“There is no formal criteria for a brand to participate. We are looking for like-minded partners with legitimate products in the industry and founders who are champions of the plant,” added Assaf. “What’s so special about this initiative is that a group of some of the biggest CBD and cannabis brands are choosing collaboration over competition and are joining forces to spread awareness about an issue that

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