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Terpenes within a product—and the impact they produce—is not always an easy correlation. Often, familiar aromas are a combination of several terpenes that contribute to the unique flavors and pharmacological effects of cannabis. Nevadan consumers tend to be knowledgeable of terpenes since the state requires the top three terpenes to be displayed on cannabis packaging.

Searching for aromatic strains? Find a dispensary nearby.

Yet despite this obligation, I found that the top three displayed terpenes didn’t always match my expectations according to the aroma of my product. It’s a good thing to keep in mind when purchasing terpene tested cannabis, that as far as aroma, quality doesn’t necessarily correspond to quantity. So with a little help from my friend Ben Cassiday, founding partner of True Terpenes, I set out to find Nevada’s high-terpene cannabis products.


Your Favorite Cannabis Strains and Their Main Terpenes

Below, find Nevada cannabis products that strongly represent Leafly’s six major terpenes and their flavor profiles.

Linalool (Courtesy of Reef Dispensaries)

Recommended products:

Linalool lends its pleasant and soothing scent to the purple flowering plant lavender, as well as several strains of cannabis. An example of a “low volume, high impact” compound noted above, you may not find it in the top three terps on a product label in Nevada.

But you can’t mistake its flowery impact in Green Life Productions’ concentrate Lavender, found at NuWu. Even better? The largest selection of lavender-dominant products that I found was at Reef Dispensaries North Las Vegas location—take a breath and relax.


What Is Linalool & What Are the Effects of This Cannabis Terpene?

Pinene (Courtesy of Jardin)

Recommended product:

Dutch Treat by MMG — available at Jardin

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