Nevada's per se and DUI laws with marijuana consumption | M.K. Leach – Reno Gazette Journal

M.K. Leach

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This opinion column was submitted by Michael Leach, a health care professional specializing in substance use disorder and addiction recovery.

Every state in the country has per se drunk driving laws that state any driver found to have a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 or greater is guilty of driving under the influence. When someone is stopped on suspicion of drunk driving and records a 0.08 BAC on a breath test or blood test, they are found guilty of DUI.

Within the state of Nevada, one of the most common drug offenses involves the possession or consumption of marijuana — cannabis plays a common role in DUI investigations. After an arrest for driving under the influence, the arresting officer may require a blood test if they believe marijuana consumption led to the driver’s impairment.

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