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A new government task force in Nevada is targeting sexual harassment in two of the state’s most lucrative industries: gaming—of course—but also cannabis.

Gov. Steve Sisolak created the task force earlier this month through a pair of executive orders—his first two since taking office on Jan. 7. He said the project, aimed at ensuring Nevadans feel safe at work, sends “a clear message that sexual harassment and discrimination has no place in Nevada.”

“Nevada’s gaming and marijuana industries are successful because of the trust our public has in them.”

Gov. Steve Sisolak

The new orders require businesses in both the gaming and cannabis industries to submit written policies to state regulators by May outlining internal procedures for addressing sexual harassment and discrimination. The goal is to foster a workplace culture that “values respect, opportunity, inclusion, and diversity.”

“Nevada’s gaming and marijuana industries are successful because of the trust our public has in them,” Sisolak said. “This gives us a unique opportunity to allow that trust to grow.”

Cannabis and gaming are Nevada’s two largest state-regulated industries, with specific agencies overseeing licensing and regulation. That’s why, a state spokesperson told Leafly, the two sectors are being held to higher standards than bars, restaurants, and other industries regulated at the local level.


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“Basically, it’s easier to address these businesses first,” said Monica Moazez, a spokeswoman for state Attorney General Aaron Ford, who was appointed to lead the task force. “I’m pretty sure the rest will be eventually be addressed.”

The 11-member task force comes after campaign promises by both the Gov. Sisolak and Attorney General Ford to clean up the sexual misconduct across Nevada’s workplaces—as well as within the state capital.


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