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A large, state-of-the-art cannabis factory is officially up and running Wednesday, April 11, 2018 in the desert east of Reno-Sparks. Andy Barron, RGJ

This June 28, 2018, photo shows one of the marijuana grow rooms Exhale Nevada in Las Vegas.(Photo: K.M. Cannon, AP)

It has come as a personal shock to realize that all of the road construction in Reno no longer bothers me. Anyone travelling through it knows it can be the worst part of driving to work in the mornings, especially if you’re running late, or not particularly excited about where it is you have to go. Luckily for me and many other people I have been privileged to meet over the past year, work has become something worth sitting in traffic for.

Getting my current job happened to me completely by random chance: A regular at the coffee shop where I worked overheard me complaining about my job and offered me a better one.

That job happened to be in the cannabis industry.

One year later, this job has become the best job I’ve ever had. I cannot claim to have weathered the storm of transition from medical to recreational, but I had the honor of being present at several early budtender parties. I saw the beginning of this now-booming industry right as it gained enough momentum to burst into completely legal bloom, and those people I met and lived among shone like angels.

Angels run ragged, that is. Overworked and underpaid, yes, but wildly passionate about both the industry and cannabis itself. Willing to be run ragged, gray with exhaustion, yet glowing with the inner luminescence of the True Believer. I saw people leave well-paying jobs, eager to share their

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