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As a yoga teacher, I can affirm that cannabis enhances sensation, releases tension and stimulates blood flow within the body. These effects are why yoga and mindful movement pairs so nicely with cannabis. They’re also why cannabis can heighten your sexual experience. More research needs to be done, but all signs indicate that the secret to having more more frequent and more satisfying sex lies in cannabis.

Below, Nevada’s best oil-based infused lubes are the star of the show. But before the fireworks explode, remember that oil-based intimacy products can cause latex condoms to be prone to deterioration. The vulva and vagina are made of thin, delicate skin tissue that allows for absorption of ingredients, but may also be prone to irritation. Take precautions if you have sensitive skin or are non-monogamous.

Intimate Massage Oil by Evergreen Organix (Courtesy of Evergreen Organix)

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The carefully crafted and hand-made topicals made by one of Nevada’s best edibles company, Evergreen Organix, range from lip balms to sunscreen, as well as products blended specifically for intimacy and massage.

Their Intimate Massage Oil was developed specifically for the female experience and is safe to apply inside the vagina and anus. The ingredients of this pure, hypoallergenic product are intentionally simple: organic, fractionated coconut oil and 100mg of THC. Those with allergies to sunflower or soybean oils can rest easy, because this product is completely free of additional oils.

The cannabinoids will provide the enhancement and increased stimulation to the nerves and blood vessels, and the coconut oil delivers gentle, moisturizing benefits with natural antioxidants and quick absorption. Although it is being sold as a sensual oil, you can apply it anywhere your skin needs some TLC.

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