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Nevada Vaping Association News Release

LAS VEGAS — Nevada Vaping Association strongly cautions consumers to not vape marijuana-based THC or cannabinoids products not intended for vapor use due to the significant number of deaths linked to these products.

“Consumers should be aware of what they are vaping; there are many types of e-liquids, and homemade marijuana-based THC or Cannabinoids products can clearly be harmful to the user’s health and even cause death,” said Alex Mazzola, President of the Nevada Vaping Association. “Consumers must know the difference between manufactured nicotine-based products intended to be vaporized that have not been link the recent fatalities which are very different from homemade marijuana-based THC or Cannabinoids products that have.”

Nicotine-based e-liquids are tobacco products often used as a harm reduction strategy for those trying to quit smoking and are sold at convince stores and vape shops across Nevada. Marijuana-based THC or cannabinoids vapor products are often purchased on the street or mixed at home from products that can be purchased at a marijuana dispensary that were not designed for vaping.

“It can be deadly to buy e-liquid product on the streets or mix products not intended by the manufacturer to be consumed using in a vaporizer,” Mazzola said. “When you don’t buy products that are designed to be vaporized from a reputable retailer, there is no way to know if what you are buying or mixing at home could result in death if consumed.”

A list of vape shop that sell only products intended for vapor use can be found at

In an effort to educate consumers about the dangers of vaping marijuana-based THC or cannabinoids products made at home or purchased on the street, the Nevada Vaping Association will be producing posters and flyers that will be available

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