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Belarus Plane Crisis Tightens Lukashenko’s Awkward Embrace of Putin

MOSCOW — He may be the Kremlin’s closest ally, but his loyalty remains in doubt. When Alexander Lukashenko, the eccentric and brutal leader of Belarus, forced down a European passenger jet Sunday to arrest a dissident, he ushered in a new and even more brittle phase in one of the post-Soviet region’s most convoluted and consequential relationships: the one between Lukashenko and President Vladimir Putin of Russia. The two are increasingly leaning on each other in the face of conflict with the West, but they have sharply diverging interests. Lukashenko, who has ruled for 26 years, relies on his iron grip on his country to assure his survival. Putin wants to expand Russian influence in Belarus, undermining Lukashenko’s authority in the process. Sign up for The Morning newsletter from the New York Times Now, with a summit meeting with President Joe Biden looming in June, Putin faces a choice over how much political capital to expend to continue supporting Lukashenko, whose commandeering of the Ryanair plane has complicated the Kremlin’s efforts to smooth relations with the West. Russian officials and pro-Kremlin news outlets have taken Lukashenko’s side in the furor, but Lukashenko’s leading Belarusian opponents believe that the Kremlin’s support is only skin-deep. “In the Russian Foreign Ministry, in the Kremlin, I think that people can’t stand Lukashenko,” Franak Viacorka, a senior adviser to exiled Belarusian opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, said in a telephone interview. “But at the same time, since there’s not anyone more pro-Russian, they prefer to keep Lukashenko for now.” Some Western politicians, such as Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., have called for sanctions on Russia over the Ryanair incident. Lukashenko, the senator said Monday, “doesn’t use the bathroom without asking for Moscow’s permission.” But the reality

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