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With the whirlwind of chaos that 2020 has been, a global pandemic in a tribally divided country with ever present social issues and prejudice that’s in a federal election year, many forget that states across the country are also holding their respective elections for positions in all branches of government. In fact, they’ll see that elections are happening across the nation on both the federal and state level that could have grave impacts on the status of many subjects, cannabis reform, criminal justice reform and reproductive rights among them.    

In Nevada alone, District 3 Congresswoman Susie Lee is up for re-election, as are numerous state officials in both the Senate and Assembly, some serving for quite some time. Although cannabis is legal for all adults in Nevada, the fight for further reforms and protections for medical patients against a federal system that views them as criminals continues to rage on. Therefore, it’s important to understand the views of cannabis access and reforms from those who have an opportunity to represent Nevadans. 

Susie Lee

The incumbent Congresswoman for District 3, Susie Lee says that it’s “past time” to end federal prohibition and giving back rights and justice to those affected by the War on Drugs. A sponsor of the SAFE Banking Act to divert legal cannabis operations from having to operate cash-only and plans on voting for the MORE Act, Lee is however against homegrowing. Yet, her frequently shared viewpoint of the Nevada cannabis industry is apparent.

“The legalization of recreational marijuana has been successful in several respects.  It was broadly supported based on the premise that the tax revenues from marijuana sales would benefit education.  Unfortunately, that did not happen initially, as funds were used for other purposes.  After a legislative fix, marijuana sales have generated revenue for the state

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