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Nevada has become the first state in the U.S. to authorize veterinarians to recommend and administer CBD under a new law that protects practitioners from disciplinary action if they treat veterinary patients with the cannabis derivative. The law takes effect Oct. 1.

Assembly Member Steve Yeager, sponsor of the legislation that passed last month, said it broadly clarifies for veterinarians rules regarding cannabidiol, or CBD. They can now talk about CBD with pet owners, explain which products are appropriate, offer recommendations and dosing advice, and even administer the products.

“They can do all that without having to worry about being disciplined by their board, which was really the main concern behind the bill,” Yeager said. Two other states, California and Michigan, allow veterinarians to discuss the use of cannabis with clients but not administer such products to clients’ pets.

Most states are silent on the use of cannabis products in veterinary medicine. With 40 jurisdictions in the United States now allowing people to take cannabis as medicine, and 20 jurisdictions also allowing adults to use cannabis for recreation — according to tallies by the National Conference of State Legislatures — the nebulous status of therapeutic use in veterinary patients has caused a dilemma for the profession. Meanwhile, the marketplace hasn’t hesitated, with vendors promoting CBD and hemp products for pets as well as people.

One of many biologically active compounds in cannabis, CBD does not cause intoxication or euphoria and has generated interest for its possible therapeutic benefits.

Without explicit authorization, veterinarians by and large have been hesitant to discuss with pet owners the potential medicinal application of a product that, before 1996, was illegal in every U.S. state except for federally authorized research.

What’s changed

Today, Nevada is

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