Nevada State Athletic Commission Temporarily Extends Weed Punishments for Gillian Robertson and Misha Cirkunov – MiddleEasy

UFC President Dana White has been trying to loosen marijuana regulations regarding the UFC for quite some time now. Little by little, athletic commissions have begun to be more lenient when it comes to marijuana. Now, the Florida athletic commission has dropped marijuana from its prohibited list. However, the Nevada State Athletic Commission is extending the suspensions of Gillian Robertson and Misha Cirkunov for their positive marijuana tests. 

Nevada State Athletic Commission Extends Weed Punishments

Both Robertson and Cirkunov tested positive for traces of marijuana, previous to their fights scheduled in March. Until their cases are resolved in the state of Nevada, neither competitor will be able to fight anytime soon. Both cases are set to come to a resolution during a meeting sometime in June. 

Fortunately for both competitors, USADA and the UFC have announced that they wouldn’t be punishing fighters who test positive for the usage of marijuana out of competition. But, since commissions operate independently, it’s best that a fighter still uses their best judgment before they decide to spark it up.

Gillian Robertson and Misha Cirkunov tested positive for marijuana following recent fights in Nevada.

The state athletic commission extended temporary suspensions for both fighters today until the next meeting for any possible discipline being handed out #UFC

— Damon Martin (@DamonMartin) May 11, 2021

Weed Punishment History

Due to the rules, countless UFC fighters have been affected by testing positive for marijuana. However, it was not banned outside of competition, but against the rules in the competition has led to several suspensions.

Fighters such as Niko Price have been suspended and fined numerous times due to the rule. As well as Trevin Jones, Luis Pena, and Kelvin Gastelum have all been suspended due to the violation. Meanwhile, many fighters use the drug for medicinal purposes.

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