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Officials in Nevada issued a public warning after they found numerous contaminated marijuana products in stock and already sold through a handful of Las Vegas dispensaries, according to reports from Fox 5 Vegas.

According to Fox 5, “regulators are blaming the Las Vegas lab, CANNEX Nevada LLC, for approving the products. As a result, state regulators shut down the lab until its practices can be reviewed.”

Back in December of 2018, CANNEX Nevada LLC, dba RSR Analytical Laboratories, had its license suspended by the Nevada Department of Taxation.

At the time, Stephanie Klapstein, a spokesperson for the Department of Taxation, told the Reno Gazette Journal that it was determined based on separate, routine inspections, that RSR Analytical Labs wasn’t properly following the regulations.

With its license reinstated just a few weeks later in January, it looks like the lab may have slipped up again almost exactly one year later to the day,

The worst part is, the affected marijuana was sold in the form of a flower and pre-rolls between Saturday, October 5th, 2019 and Friday, December 27th, 2019. That most likely means that some unlucky cannabis consumers have already consumed the dangerous products.

Which Pot Products are Affected?

All legal cannabis packaging in Nevada comes with a batch and lot number. Regulators said marijuana consumers should look for the following information:

Island OG #3 (batch/lot: F1D19IslandOG3051619/1A40403000002A5000042651) failed its mold and yeast testing Lemon Meringue (F3D19LemonMeringue053019/1A40403000002A5000046114) failed its mold and yeast testing THC Bomb (THC BOMB-10-19-2019-H251/256-BUD-A) failed its Aspergillus flavus testing Zombie Kush (082119B56/ABZK02) failed its bile-tolerant gram-negative bacteria and total coliforms testing

Other products that were tested by CANNEX Nevada LLC will be tested by a third-party independent testing laboratory to ensure consumers stay away from other potentially tainted products.

Where Did the Affected Products Come From?

According to

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