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Nevada’s Marijuana History

Did you know that just a couple years ago in Nevada, getting medical marijuana wasn’t as simple as it is today? Now, you can use NuggMD’s telemedicine platform to complete the entire process online, but for more than a decade, the process was all but impossible. Read on to learn how medical marijuana has become more convenient than ever in the Silver State!

Similar to most states, Nevada’s filled with legal marijuana intolerance. It took 15 years from the passing of Ballot Question 9, a voter medical marijuana initiative, for the first legal medical cannabis sale to occur. That’s right. It wasn’t until Silver State Relief’s 2015 opening in Sparks that Nevadans could access medical cannabis.

Things got rolling a year later with Ballot Question 2, a voter recreational marijuana initiative. The state has also made life easier for potential MMJ patients with several key changes. While both marijuana markets are thriving, the Nevada marijuana card grants many benefits that recreational cannabis users can’t access.

New & Easier Medical Marijuana Rules

Even though Question 2 was a recreational initiative, its passage made it more politically acceptable to ease restrictions on the medical program as well. Recently, the state enacted the following MMJ program changes:

Potential MMJ patients can now apply for their MMJ card with the state entirely online, and with a telemedicine provider like NuggMD, there’s no more need to make long, annoying trips to the doctor’s office and the DMV to get your card. When applying for a Nevada Registry Identification Card you can now opt for a 2 year renewal, meaning you won’t have to go through the (now simple) process of applying annually. Reciprocity by permitting out-of-state, government-issued MMJ cards with a government-issued I.D. to purchase in Nevada as well. (Don’t forget

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