Nevada legislators pass bills on ghost guns, doxxing, marijuana as session wanes – Las Vegas Sun

CARSON CITY — Untraceable firearms that are often built at home using kits or 3D printers are one step closer to being illegal in Nevada.

A bill banning these so-called “ghost guns” passed through the Nevada Senate on a 12-9 party-line vote Friday on a deadline day that saw action on some of the session’s biggest legislative efforts.

Lawmakers had until the end of the day to pass bills through the second chamber — Assembly bills through the Senate and vice versa.

However, some of the most consequential bills of the session — an omnibus measure dealing with election reform, changing Nevada to a first-in-the-nation primary, the “right to return” for hospitality workers — are exempt from deadline and still in committee with 10 days remaining in the session.

Lawmakers sent hundreds of bills out of the Statehouse to the desk of Gov. Steve Sisolak for signature to become law.

Here’s a look at some of the bills:

Curbside cannabis

Senate Bill 168, which would allow cannabis dispensaries to continue to offer curbside pickup, passed through the Assembly 35-6 — with only a handful Republicans in opposition.

The bill requires the state Cannabis Compliance Board to adopt regulations allowing for curbside pickup, which started during the pandemic via emergency order.

The temporary allowance worked so well that dispensary owners urged lawmakers to allow curbside pickup of marijuana to become permanent. Without a legislative fix, the curbside option would expire when the emergency declaration does.

Guidelines for dispensaries to offer curbside include: Orders must be placed in advanced and customers can’t leave the vehicle for a transaction; minors can’t be in the customer’s vehicle; business must have designated parking spots for curbside customers; and each dispensary needs an individual blessing

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