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APEX by Ziel is radio frequency equipment to treat yeast and mold count in cannabis. APEX is used by Tahoe Hydro and is the only approved mold treatment method by the Nevada Department of Taxation.

This solution is a triple-win for the state, protecting consumer safety, providing cultivators a cost-effective and organic pathway to bring their product to market, and maximizing tax revenue for the State of Nevada and its citizens.

Ziel, creators of APEX, radio frequency equipment that reduces microbial pathogens such as yeast and mold in cannabis, has been approved for use by the State of Nevada, and is currently the only remediation technology approved for cultivators by the Department of Taxation. The technology was recently featured in a story on KTVN-TV evening news, the CBS Reno affiliate.

In August, tainted cannabis batches triggered two health advisories and product recalls in Nevada. Subsequently, the Nevada Department of Taxation opened an investigation on September 16th after multiple testing failures by an independent lab found high levels of yeast and mold present on cannabis sold in three Las Vegas dispensaries. The Nevada limit for yeast and mold is 10,000 colony-forming units per gram; a follow-up test by the Nevada Department of Agriculture found cannabis with yeast and mold levels of 390,000 cfu/g, nearly 40 times the legal threshold.

APEX offers a chemical-free, organic technology that reduces total yeast and mold count in cannabis while retaining potency and terpenes. Ziel’s APEX technology is currently used by some of the largest cultivators in North America. Three cultivators have adopted APEX into their standard processing procedures in Nevada, remediating 100 percent of their product prior to distribution to retail dispensaries, including Tahoe Hydro, an award-winning cannabis cultivation company located in

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