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Nevada Crest Farms selected as Nevada’s #1 flower in 2020. Also the winner in 2019, Nevada Crest Farms pulls off the repeat for the prestigious award. Founder and CEO of Nevada Crest Farms, with a solid background of 35 years of agriculture, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical knowledge, she combines science and innovation and together crafts award winning artisanal CBD hemp clones, extracts and consumer products that are helping people live healthier and better.

Initially focused on growing CBD for consumers, Nevada Farms now provides servicing through wholesalers, brands, online and physical retailers, private label, and farmers raw materials and finished products. Heather takes pride in knowing companies are relying on her products. “When you’re building your business on the strength of our products we owe it to you to deliver every time.” Her success is due to the four basic principles she lives by and bases her products on, quality, promises, trust and process. 

Quality first, last and always

Quality is exemplified throughout the entire process. Through third party testing twenty times throughout production or avoiding GMOs, pesticides and herbicides quality is a very important factor. Nevada Crest Farms was selected  Winner of 2019 and 2020 indoor flower award by the Nevada Hemp Association, Heather’s products are nothing short of quality. “We are second to none in the hemp and CBD business, to stay there requires sacrifice, principles and a burning desire to remain the best.” 

      2. Keep every promise

With six harvest yearly, Nevada Farms provides relentless consistency to supply the demand for the products. Proving quality that clients expect frequently. 

      3. Trust

To Heather, trust is worth earning. Heather believes “transparency is our currency”. She does this welcoming people to tour her farms so viewers can see how things are run.

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